Welcome Audili

Postmusik im Kaiserpalast

… we were called welcome on all sides

The expectations before the travel were large, nevertheless plans for itself every notified from us over sticks, rice and big wall a little more, itself inoculating may leave, and many a one even a couple of words on Chinese learned.

Invited to the CIBF 1999, an international blowing music meeting, we made ourselves onto the way to discover the great strange country. Ten days China was before us, but these lasted quicker than we could imagine. Inspections, tests and appearances were, mostly so closely packed, at the program that the impressions often became blurred in each other.

The cities Peking, as the coast city Dalian were for a short time our home, as far as one of one in such increase million inhabitant cities can speak at home.

By ship we got to Dalian, where we common with bands from America, Poles, Germany, Australia and China frame the celebration solemnly for the 100-year-exist celebration of the city.

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Also we were a part of the 11th Dalian International Fashion Festival in addition to 17.000 other actors. This international fashion festival would attract about 60.000 spectators into the city’s stadium and the atmosphere as too as the performance is comparable with the openings of Olympic Games. Different kinds of Performances, one begun of parades (with about 1000 participants), dance insertions, song contributions, over fashion shows, parachuting up to a great firework were showed. Nobody of us has seen something like this ever. And we applauded until our hands hurt. The Chinese people deprive something civilized, but they were very enthusiastic too.

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To appearances and of appearances passed through, accompanied by a police escort that let us already divine, we with a modern coach how fully planned and importantly all these ceremonies for the Chinese population were.

Moreover we played concerts at official places of the city, in a hotel, which is owned by an Austrian and as crowning climax we participated at a parade through the centre of the town. The three miles long distance was of approximately one and a half million hemmed watching; it was a atmosphere like at the Carnival of Rio.

After a 16 hour train travel back to Peking we played our end concert in a sold theatre hall. The Chinese brought out into – for them untypical – enthusiasm tempests, when we were playing melodies like “Kaiserwalzer” or “Radetzky-Marsh”.

....spielten wir unser Abschlußkonzert vor einem ausverkauften Theatersaal und bei Melodien wie dem ´Kaiserwalzer` und dem ´Radetzky-Marsch` brachen die Chinesen in wahre, für sie untypische- Begeisterungsstürme aus

For inspections we had not much time. But in addition to the Place of heavenly peace and the Emperor Palace of course we could visit the Chinese highlight, the Great Wall of China. Lasting many a one itself the gigantic building only from below from regarded, some few ones wagen climbing and completely came back in a exhausted manner, nevertheless enthusiastic.

All together the China trip was for the Postmusik Salzburg an unforgettable event.

Warten im Hotel auf den nächste Auftritt.

We struggled away with sticks those kept strange food ready for us, sipped 20°C warm Tsingtao beer to this, notified us often with hands and feet, since English was not mostly understood, quarrelled with complicatedness the Chinese, nevertheless all this were only edge appearances of a successful, unforgettable trip of Postmusik Salzburg strainful nevertheless also to China in September 1999.

Martina Weißböck


Postmusik Salzburg