The Postmusik Salzburg bunch a colored melody tied immediately before Ascension Day in the garden of the castle Mirabell for numerous festival visitors from the whole world. Conductors Franz Milacher presented during the traditional Leuchtbrunnen concert early summer evening lukewarm at one the entire bandwidth the long diversified repertoires of the Postmusik Salzburg. Of the "Besuch in Wien" (Franticek Kmoch) over that "Prager Gassen" (Jaroslav Zeman) would perform the traditional part up to Johann Strauss´s jerking polka "Unter Donner und Blitz" that fortunately did not refer themselves to concert weather.

The enthusiastic public rewarded the performances industrious with applause and when we played “best of Rainhard Fendrich” or “South Rampart Street Parade” you could see some spectators, who swing at time. The Italian let their temperament ran free way with “bravo, bravissimo” and even an American slipped out a “Well, real great sound”. Three extras were still given so in a motivated manner to the best one and with secure knowledge, best advertising for the Austrian Post AG and Austria in every world gained to have, dismissed one the visitors happy into the lukewarm evening in Salzburg.

We play abaut four times at Mirabellgarten yearly.

Josef Hofweirer



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