Travel around the half world

Travel around the half world

Do you know Tasmania? The Postmusik Salzburg with Franz Milacher would please about a two day visit of the conductor Layton Hodgetts of the Derwent Vally Band and this man just is from Tasmania, a small island below Australia.

Now it’s nearly two years over, since this friendship of the two music groups has been closed. At a festival in China, where twice bands were invited, were linked the first contacts and from this time on is a active correspondence. At summer this year is standing before a further meeting between the Derwent Valley Band and the Postmusik Salzburg.

Within the framework of a Europe tour which among to other country the Australian band leads to Germany and Swedes, they also make a visit in Austria.

One instead planned eagerly the last two days, the tour the last cut put on and numerous climaxes – both for the Australian musicians and for the Austrian music ear were imminent.

After the Derwent Valley Band with about 55 musicians arrived on 15th July 2001, there was standing a sightseeing tour in Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg and Prague on the program.

Within the framework of the Postmusik Salzburg could have benn heard Tasmanian music sounds at Mirabellgarten concert on July 18th, 2001. In a three divide concert both groups, separate and also common played and may offered the listeners a broad diversified and varied program.

Another musician climax of the tournee was the appearance at the Mid Europe in Schladming, the biggest music fair of Europe.

That ´exploration travel` of the conductor was a fuller of success and impressed by the breath-taking beauty and unique ones Salzburg – as he would announce, he lined up the journey home around the half globe of the earth.

We may looking forward to the summer when the Derwent Valley Band will visit us and will enrich the musical summer in Salzburg.

Martina Weissboeck



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