Vivat salisburgo!

Vivat salisburgo!

… shouted the enthusiastic audience during the performances of the Postmusik Salzburg in Giulianova (Italy).

From 19th to 22nd April the Postmusik Salzburg was the Austrian representative at an international contest in Giulianova, a small town at the Adriatic coast about 120 km north of Rome. Together with bands from Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and three bands from Italy the Postmusik took part in a competition in which the musical performance and the marching formation were evaluated.

Conductor Franz Milacher concentrated on traditional Austrian music and thus had a little advantage over the other European bands. With the Danube Waltz New Year's flair could be felt - Italian couples were even glimpsed dancing - and of course, only the Radetzky March could follow.

This combination made the audience, which had been rather reserved until then, enthusiastic and the rhythmic clapping during the Radetzky March was followed by the Bravo and Bravissimo which surely also impressed the ten members of the jury. Conductor Franz Milacher could proudly receive the cup for the 1st place in the discipline musical performance.

That the Postmusik Salzburg under the direction of Stabführer Gerhard Kofler knows how to march was shown by the award of a third place in the discipline march formation.

Our trip to Italy clearly showed: Music is a universal language!!!

Josef Hofweirer



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