“Those who achieve all their goals have chosen them too low” – Herbert von Karajan

1. Conductor

Franz Milacher | 1. Kapellmeister

Franz Milacher

since 1996 Conductor of the Postmusik Salzburg
since 1995 Regular trips to the conservatory in Maastricht to Prof. Jo Conjerts
1995 Foundation of the district youth brass orchestra (currently 75 musicians between 15 and 30 years)
since 1994 District Youth Officer in the district of Vöcklabruck with 48 member bands
since 1988 Austrian Conductor in Zeillern
1987 Final examination for Conductor in Wels
since 1986 Conductor of the Musikverein Bruckmühl
1985 Conductor Course in the regional music school Wels with Prof. Zeman and State Conductor Rescheneder
1975 – 1978 Military Music Upper Austria under Prof. Zeman. Attendance of the municipal music school in Linz
since 1972 Musician of the Musikkapelle Ungenach and various other orchestras
since 1970 Cornet lessons with private teacher in Vöcklabruck

1. Vice-Conductor

Gustav Lukatsch

2. Vice-Conductor

Martin Schwab

Drum Major

Gerhard Kofler

Musical Advisory Board

Michael Pötzelsberger


Tobias Speigner | Obmann Postmusik Salzburg

Tobias Speigner


Markus Gugg


Christoph Fagerer


Ludwig Deopito


Christoph Fagerer


Astrid Reiss


Christine Trültzsch-Wijnen

Sheet Music Archivist

Ferdinand Kemetinger

1. Vesture Archivist

Marion Deisl

Youth Officer

Verena Bican

Public Relations Representative

Christine Trültzsch-Wijnen

Orchestra Representative

Josef Birn

IT Specialist

Gotthard Fränzl

Manager of the Postmusik Big Band

Walter Blachfellner